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  • vision

Authorization – Designing and implementing SoD (Segregation of Duties) solutions

Segregation of Duties is defined as the separation of incompatible duties that could allow one person to commit and conceal fraud that may result in financial loss or misstatement to the company.
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  • employee-journey

Enabling employee journey

The way employee journey is managed in organizations has a significant impact on productivity performance.
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  • user-management

User Management

Our user management solution ensures that de identity data of user are automatically pulled from the identity management system and provision to target system for creating user or group accounts.
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  • intelligent-authentication

Intelligent Authentication

To increase the security of digital services and thereby protecting organization’s assets including customer data from breaches and fraud, various technology solutions are developed to strengthen the authentication of users.
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  • zero-trust

Zero Trust Approach to Digital Security

Today’s challenges with the respect to finding appropriate solution from protecting the organization against data breaches, are nog longer limited to managing access to the network environment.
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  • fluid-organisation_s

Fluid organisation

The ability of organization to rapidly adapt to changes in the society and in the marketplace is a factor that has a major impact on the competitiveness of firms in private sector; and the valuation of public sector services by citizens and businesses.
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  • business-design

Business design thinking

As organizations are pursuing a digital transformation to adapt their businesses to the new competitive digital environment, it requires business changes and a new mindset to help developing a different way creating and capturing value in collaboration not just with business partners but also with customers.
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  • integrated-it-outsourcing2

Integrated services in IT outsourcing: total package or total chaos?

There’s a growing trend in IT outsourcing towards integrated solutions. It is a reaction to a pitfall of a multi-sourcing strategy. Clients generally face the challenge of dealing with fragmented service components and the risk of ‘chaos’ in IT service delivery as IT outsourcing contracts are split between different vendors.
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  • business-case

Changing the conventional wisdom on using business cases in executing innovation

The use of business case is widely adopted in organizations to support stakeholders in decision making during the process of funding project initiatives.
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