In our view, solution development is a collaborative effort beyond a customer-supplier relationship. We work with customers and partners in problem solving; provide guidance to the design and implementation process of co-creating the solution and the business value outcomes. This open approach allows the stakeholders to deal properly with the dynamics of the innovation processes.

Digitalization has become a key element that enables service innovation in industries. Working on how to help organizations to leverage the potential of their investment in digital service innovation initiatives, we adopt a differentiated approach to providing solutions for specific business purposes and targeted business values. Our business solution consultants work in teams on the design and implementation of digital service innovation in three different solution areas that include a business enhancement solution, a platform solution and a disruptive solution. In doing so, we are able to focus on specific business and design issues that are determinant for executing successful innovation in each solution area.
Business enhancement solution

To significantly improve the performance of their business operations on the short term, we provide organizations with a business enhancement solution. Existing service lines including the associated business processes are analyzed and redesigned in implement incremental innovations. The main benefits include better user experience, efficiency gains, cost advantage, quality improvement.

Platform solution

While in the past the concept of platform was known in the business-to-business market with technology firms collaborating to develop new technologies, the business-to-consumer market has increasingly experienced its adoption. The fast development of digital technologies has enabled the growth of the concept of platform as a new way to collaborate to reach a broader group of consumer. However, platform developers do not always have all the capabilities or resources to design, develop and deploy the systems. Our solution focuses on providing complementary design and implementation capabilities to platform developers and users.

Disruptive solution

Breakthrough in technology development generally leads to disruptive business innovation solutions that radically transforms our way of working and living. Throughout the years, disruptive technologies have led to major business innovations in the various sectors including communications and information technology, healthcare and life science, automotive, energy, consumer electronics and government for example. Disruptive business innovations pose unique design and implementation challenges because there is no reference and the business model is yet to develop. We bring strong design thinking, scenario analysis and proof of concept skills to support the development and deployment of disruptive business innovation solutions.

Digital technologies provide organizations with the opportunity to recreate their way of working in order to efficiently deliver personalized customer experience and values in collaboration with their partners. In our view, the starting point of digital transformation is the innovation of the business model that leads a purposeful exploitation of the digital technologies to execute organization changes and the renewal of service/product portfolio as well as the operating model with people. Our ‘business-driven digital transformation growth path’ solution involves capabilities to setup and manage projects and programs successfully. The capabilities involve:
  • Governance and cultural awareness
  • Digital service & product portfolio development
  • Operating model and business process redesign
  • Digital organization capability development
  • Performance management throughout the transformation