Decision making

Speed, flexibility and collaboration are examples of the major factors of the competitiveness and the innovativeness of firms in the new digital economy. These factors pose new challenges for the leadership regarding how the decision making is handled with stakeholders in the innovation management process. When innovation is at play, we support the leadership with the required decision making capabilities to guide investment and the execution of the innovation strategy.

The management of decision making is an essential part of the innovation management process. While the cost versus the potential benefits in terms of revenue generally capture the attention, other issues related to how to involve stakeholders in decision making to gain support in essential for a successful execution. The understanding of resources and what changes are needed; defining appropriate planning as well as the risk and the mitigations are equally important. Our decision making capability involves tools that we apply to support the executive teams at strategic level and the management teams at tactical and operational levels in managing the decision making during the initiation and implementation of innovation solution. We configure the following models to support the decision making in the innovation management process.

  • Governance
  • Business impact analysis
  • Technology impact analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Due diligence
  • Business case