Digital technology intelligence and design

As organizations are increasingly pursuing a digital transformation of their businesses with the opportunity to enhance their competitiveness in the new digital era, they face the risks of being trapped into the complexity of the multitude of digital technologies. Another issue is the ability of organizations to manage the technology lifecycle in outsourcing relationships with various suppliers; to anticipate on business opportunities and changes in the market.

We apply digital technology intelligence to help our clients getting the most out their investment in digital transformation. Our contribution is to support the leadership in strengthening the strategic and tactical investment decisions in technology solutions. Rather than relying only benchmark studies and technology trends, we provide an analysis of the digital technology architecture and roadmaps in relation to the strategy pursued by organization. The outcome is used to manage the strategic and tactical planning; address new business opportunities; investigate and initiate partnerships with other parties; assess and mitigate technology risks; and manage the design process in operations.

We apply expertise in the following technology capability areas:

  • Mobile
  • Big data & Business Analytics
  • Cloud Computing
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Cybersecurity