Business Process Automation

Digital transformation aims at helping organizations to move away from inefficient manual execution of business process, towards business process automation. Benefits include enhancing customer service, productivity, traceability/accountability and reducing operational cost. However, the pitfall of business process automation is to rely solely on the technology capability.

In our opinion, business process automation should be based on a strategy that defines the scope, objectives and value propositions from the business needs as well as the specificities of the business functions involved. Human actions and interventions remains crucial in executing business processes. It is therefore essential to achieve a proper balance in human-to-system interaction and system-to-system interaction when developing a business process automation solution. Our Business Process Automation capabilities include:

  • Business process design
  • Data modelling to support the business process automation
  • Designing orchestration processes to support workflow automation
  • Developing applications to execute the automation of business processes and interact with business users
  • Integration using API’s to support an end-to-end workflow automation across different applications
  • Applications include Software as a Service apps (cloud solutions), mobile apps, robotics, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and on-premise ERP systems
  • Managing organizational change throughout the implementation of the new way of working, coherently with the deployment of applications supporting the automation of the business processes