Portfolio Management

The leadership in organizations generally deals with the fact that more ideas are available than funding for innovations. The critical issue then becomes the ability to fund those innovation ideas that fit the strategy pursued and to support collaboration across the organization and its partners. Our portfolio management capability helps to achieve an effective balance between value, risk and growth.

Our portfolio management capabilities helps to translate strategy into execution, structuring and achieving a better alignment between the various innovation or change initiatives and projects across the organization. It is used in organizations to support collaboration and a proper allocation of resources consistently with the strategy pursued and the performance objectives. Our work with clients reveals that a pitfall in portfolio management is the tendency to limit efforts to the definition and funding of innovation projects or programs with the purpose of developing new products, services, processes or enhancing existing ones. The consequence is that the dependencies and synergies between projects are not properly managed. Portfolio management is a process that should be managed throughout the lifecycle of innovation projects and programs. From our practitioner activities and research work, we have built expertise in helping organization to develop and execute portfolio management collaboratively throughout the organization to drive innovation for value creation. We use appropriate tools to support the selection, ranking and prioritization in the portfolio management process. Our expertise in this area involves:

Innovation portfolio management

Traditionally, innovation portfolio is associated with new products and new services. In our approach we integrate organization design, sustainability, processes and business model perspectives into the development of the innovation portfolio.

Technology portfolio management

Technology is an essential enabling factor of innovation. However, the technology portfolio does not always receive the proper attention it deserves. As a single service or product innovation is increasingly sophisticated and contains a combination of various technologies that interwork to deliver the desired customer experience, the complexity of the new product or new service increases as well. Technology portfolio management can help to manage the complexity efficiently. Understanding key technologies and how to them to use them support the innovation process is part of the expertise we apply in the technology portfolio management process.

Strategic planning

Timing is widely recognized as an important factor in successful innovation management. We use road mapping to help our clients in executing strategic planning as part of the portfolio management process. An effective strategic planning leads a robust portfolio management process and better use of resources.