Program management

As organizations decide to engage a strategic change initiative to execute its innovation strategy, complexity of program management emerges as change is manage across various departments and across organizations. Our program management capability helps to implement a governance that support the leadership in dealing with complexity, the management of a dynamic change process with stakeholders.

Program management in our view is more than just managing a portfolio of projects. As organizations decide to engage a multi-year strategy implementation initiative that includes innovation as a key element, we provide guidance in collaboration with executives and senior management in designing and executing program management activities. In particular, we work on developing appropriate governance in empowering the leadership to deal effectively with change management driven innovation and stakeholders management across departments within the organization but also across organization boundaries with the partners involved. Doing so, we facilitate the decision making, communication and support for the change process among stakeholders. Unlike traditional methods, we distinguish between business program management and technology program management.

Business program management

Our business program management capability is aimed at the execution of business innovation and change across different business functions that include Sales, Marketing, Customer Management and Support, Finance and Control, and Human Resource. We empower the business side of the organization to properly implement its strategy in collaboration with the stakeholders an organization wide approach with a well-developed business project portfolio.

Technology program management

Our technology program management capability is aimed at the execution of technology innovation and change across different technology functions within IT operations including service delivery management and engineering units; the development of prototypes in proof-of-concepts initiatives. We support the technology side of the organization to lead the design and implementation of complex technology solutions that involves many interrelated technology components with integration and collaboration challenges; and stakeholders in an organization wide approach based on a technology portfolio.