Business design

Our business design capability helps to understand and define how a new way of working enables the organization to create value in the interaction with its customers and partners. Using the strategy pursued by the organization, the brand of the organization is integrated with the design of services, the business model and the development of organizational capabilities during the innovation process.

Historically, innovation is associated with new products and new technologies. Consequently, when firms invest in innovation solutions, they tend to focus on the design and development of new products or new technologies. However, an assessment of failed IT projects or failed new product development projects reveals a lack of a proper understanding and integration of the business perspective into the innovation solution. In our view, when an organization innovates, it is in fact designing or redesigning its business from the perspective of customers and collaboration with partners in order to improve its ability to create value and capture value. In this context, we view an organization as a value delivery system that drives the business.

Our business design capability is aimed at helping organizations to understand the changes that should be implemented in order to build a value delivery system for creating and capturing value. Business design is used to support the management of organization changes during the business transformation process. It provides the requirements for the development of new services and products; the design or redesign of the value chain including organization capabilities; and the implementation of the supporting technology infrastructure. The objective is to achieve a successful adoption of the innovation solution.

  • Business model innovation, prototyping and implementation
  • Use case scenario analysis and implementation
  • Requirement analysis and definition
  • Business Architecture