Digitization is helping to transform the telecom sector in a highly dynamic business environment as service innovation creates new customer experience. In growing interconnected society and business ecosystems, online data creation and distribution will continue to increase.

The technology intensive telecommunications industry has experienced several disruptive innovations of the business models of telecom service providers during the last two decades. This was caused by the advent of mobile and broadband technologies that have generated positive impact on improving the way people communicate, collaborate, work and entertain. While the Internet has been around for sometimes and service providing have increasingly integrated it in their service portfolio, it is only in the recent years that the Internet presents a major opportunity for disruptive business models in the telecommunication service industry. Connected smart devices but also increased automation in Manufacturing, Healthcare, Energy and Automotive using advanced Internet technologies are expected to drive a new age of disruptive innovations. The renaissance of the Internet driven by innovations from the ‘Internet of Things’ poses challenges and opportunities for telecom service providers. Key issues involve:
  • Pioneering new business models and services
  • Security and privacy
  • Interoperability in an heterogynous environment of diverse technology solutions
  • Scalability of solutions in a business ecosystem of collaborating partners
  • Transitioning to the new age of digitalization while avoiding the pitfalls of legacy systems

  • Cloud enabled business model innovation
  • Personalized mobility
  • Service integration
  • Data management
  • Identity & security management
  • Business integration in merger & acquisition

Our experience and knowledge of the telecommunications industry allows us to understand the competitive dynamics in the marketplace and to work with our clients in translating their value drivers into innovation solutions. We have successfully completed projects related to:
  • Wireless and Web-based service innovation
  • Cost reduction and efficiency improvement
  • Business case development
  • Due diligence
  • The integration of the IT divisions of two large telecom service providers during a merger
  • Implementation of a global sourcing strategy in collaboration with a large IT service provider in India