Addressing the future of banking services in an increasingly dynamic and globalized business environment. Technology companies are driving business model innovation in the banking landscape with new payment services as competition from non-traditional bank organizations is increasing. Purposeful strategies are needed to guide a dynamic cycle of innovation.

Banks are dealing with new era of transformation whereby trends involving digital technology evolution, tightened regulatory requirements and the erosion of customer confidence in recent years are driving competition and the need for business model innovation. Banks are also changing their customer relationship management to address seamless experience in a multi-channel and mobility approach, partly to retain customers and to rebuild customer confidence. In addition, business analytics and cloud services provide opportunities but also pose challenges in improving operational efficiencies and driving business model innovation through digital transformation. Key issues involve:
  • Transforming a Bank’s digital workplace into a platform for improved customer experience and growth
  • Deploying an effective multi-channel digital customer management
  • Secure information flows
  • Improving of business efficiency
  • Effective execution of digital business innovation

  • Digital bank innovation
  • Banking business analytics and data management
  • Digital customer relationship management
  • Re-designing business processes for digital services and collaboration
  • Digital payment
  • Cost management

Innovations enabled by new information technologies have led to a fundamental change in how value is created in the banking service industry. In this context, value creation is no longer limited by the financial return a bank might generate on its investment in a given fiscal year. Traditionally, the key question that firms tend to answer is: how to create value at reasonable cost? However, the notion of value creation has evolved in the new digital era. In addition to cost effectiveness, value creation is increasingly based on the resulting experience of the customer that is largely influenced by speed, flexibility, transparency and security of online financial services. We work with our customers in the banking service industry to develop and implement innovation solutions, addressing the key issues of value creation based on the resulting experience from the customer perspective.