Project management

Our experience in managing projects practices reveals that the traditional project management methods do not fit the dynamics of innovation processes. First, there is a major difference in managing business projects compared to technology projects. Second the proper understanding of the values to be delivered beyond the cost and time; and the ability to execute the change management process in the functional unit during the project are determinants for success.

Our project management capability is aimed at supporting the implementation process of innovation and performance improvement initiatives in organizations. In doing so, we recognize that the projects differ in size, level complexity, their importance in terms of the impact in the organization and the level of change that should be managed. We work with our customers to define and execute results driven innovation projects with focus on an appropriate balance between the expected business values, the risks/uncertainties involved and the mitigation policies.

Based on our experience in managing projects in various industry sectors throughout the years, we have developed a project management methodology that distinguishes between two categories of projects: a business project and a technology project. Our methodology provides guidance defining the responsibility between a business project and a technology project in order support collaboration in the process of aligning activities across the business departments and technology departments. We have applied our methodology to help customers improve the quality and the effectiveness of the project management.

Business project management

Our business project management capability is aimed at the execution of the project in the business functions that include Sales, Marketing, Customer Management and Support, Finance and Control, and Human Resource. We empower the business side of the organization in achieving effective management of the demand of solutions in de business lines; collaboration with suppliers and users’ adoption.

Technology project management

Our technology project management capability focuses on the execution of projects within Information Technology functions and Research and Development functions. We provide project management to support activities that involve software development, configuration and deployment within IT operations including service delivery management and engineering units; the development of prototypes in proof-of-concepts initiatives.