Performance improvement in the new digital era

In the recent years social media has led to changes into how organizations measure and manage their performance. In some cases, customer complaints and rating on social media have forced organizations to swiftly initiate performance improvement of their service delivery, service or product quality. The external pressure of customers in the new digital era is forcing organizations to speed up their internal performance improvement processes. But such a reactive approach to performance is costly. To strengthen their competitiveness, firms need to adapt their performance measurement and management beyond customer satisfaction in order to deal with the dynamics of the digital economy.

Organizations need to assess their performance overtime in order to adjust their operations and invest in innovations for new sources of value creation. In the private sector, increasing profitability and sustain growth or acquiring and retaining customers through better services and products generally drives the performance improvement agenda. In the public sector, the aim of innovation is to improve the quality of services to citizens and businesses or reduce cost of operating public services. However, achieving these goals through innovation can be a daunting experience. Developing new services, products, new processes or new business models using even proven technologies requires a different approach to performance management compared to the well established procedures in the organization. We have developed capabilities to help organizations improve their performance in executing innovation. Our capabilities involve:

  • Translating the firm’s innovation strategy and policies into an innovation performance management solution that fits the dynamics of the digital business environment
  • Conducting an innovation performance gap analysis
  • Developing and implementation of a performance improvement program