Company profile

Innovation Gateway BV is a consulting organization specialized in innovation management and sourcing. Our business solution consultants and business project & program managers help our clients to successfully develop and implement digital innovations in their business. In business transformation programs we work with our clients to innovate their business models, business processes and organizational capabilities. In an era where organizations in both the private and public sectors increasingly need to focus on their core business, part of operations are outsourced to third parties or corporate shared service centers. Using our sourcing expertise and skills, we help our clients to successfully implement innovations in sourcing engagements with suppliers.

Developing and sharing knowledge is an integral part of our organization culture. We also work on developing dedicated software tools to support consulting services. In addition to standards in the industry, we have developed proprietary methods our professionals apply during the execution of projects. Through applied research projects we create the opportunity to participate in relevant knowledge development initiatives, related to innovation management and sourcing; and our business goals. Furthermore, we organize annual trainings focused on competence and skills development.


Provide excellence in designing, developing and implementing innovation solutions that help to significantly improve the work and living condition of people.

Core Values

Putting people first
Envisioning the future