When it comes to one day contracts in sports, the question of whether or not players get paid can be a bit of a gray area. Typically, one day contracts are used as a way of honoring players who have had an impact on a particular team or community. For example, a team might sign a former player to a one day contract so that they can retire with the team they are most associated with. Similarly, a team might sign a local celebrity or fan to a one day contract as a way of building community goodwill.

So, do players get paid for these one day contracts? The answer is, it depends. In some cases, the player may be paid a nominal fee for their participation in the event. In other cases, the player may not receive any compensation at all.

The reason for this variability is that one day contracts are often used for symbolic purposes rather than as a way of paying players for their services. In many cases, the player is simply being given an opportunity to be a part of a special moment, and the team is not required to compensate them for their time.

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. If a player is signed to a one day contract as a way of filling a gap in the team`s roster, they will typically be compensated for their time. Additionally, if the player has any sort of bonus or incentive clauses in their contract, these may still apply even if they are just signed for one day.

So, while there is no definitive answer to whether or not players get paid for one day contracts, it is safe to say that it varies depending on the circumstances. In most cases, the player will not receive any significant compensation, and the contract will be more about symbolism than anything else. However, there are situations where players may be compensated for their time, particularly if the one day contract is being used to fill a gap on the team`s roster.